24 дека́брь 2020

Triton to sell DSI Underground to Sandvik

Our owner Triton plans to sell DSI Underground to the Sweden based public listed company Sandvik Group. A Sales and Purchase agreement has been signed and the transaction is expected to close subject to local review, protocols, and regulatory approvals by mid-2021.

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10 октя́брь 2020

DSI Underground has signed a new joint venture agreement with ABC Canada to strengthen the safety level for underground mining and tunneling

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08 апре́ль 2020

Message from the DSI Underground Team Reinforcing Progress in times of COVID-19

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05 ноя́брь 2019

DSI Underground Group announces roll-out of the refreshed DSI Underground Spirit

Luxembourg, Luxembourg - DSI Underground is pleased to announce the roll-out of its refreshed DSI Underground Spirit today.

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01 октя́брь 2018

DSI Underground Australia announces completion of the Fero Group acquisition

Newcastle, Australia - DSI Underground Australia is pleased to announce today the completion of the Fero Group (Fero) acquisition.

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